Thump, Thump, Drag.

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One Saturday night, a 16 year old named Mary was babysitting 2 children as a means of earning a bit of extra cash. The parents had gone out for a meal and said they wouldn't be back until late so the girl put the two children to bed and then settled herself in the lounge downstairs. 
She turned on the TV and began to flip through the channels. A sitcom that she'd seen hundreds of times was on one channel, sighing, she flipped the channel again to a news story. The newsreader was issuing a warning about an escaped patient from a nearby mental facility, flipping the channel again she found a film that she'd wanted to see and so she settled to watch it. The film finished and having fallen asleep, she'd forgotten all about the news report from before...
A little while later one of the children jolted awake. He craned to listen to what had woken him. A noise, coming from the hall possibly. Quieting his breathing he strained to make sense of the noise. Thump, thump, draaaag... Not sure what to make of the sound he thought it could be the TV downstairs. He settled down and tried to fall back asleep. Before he could, he heard the noise again. Thump, thump, draaag... 
Startled, he leapt across the room and woke up his brother to get him to listen for the sound. Sure enough they both heard it again, thump, thump, drag... Thump, thump, drag.
They crept to their door to listen out for it again but the sound had stopped. Scared now, they both ran to their beds and hid under their duvets until their parents returned home.
The parents returned to the house and were shocked at the sight that greeted them through their front door. There was blood all over the walls and on the stairs was Mary, dead. Her arms had been cut off at the elbows and the rest of her body was so badly injured that she'd had to drag herself along the floor. She'd been trying to get up the stairs to protect the children from the murderer. She died from blood loss. 
To this day Mary's attacker has not been found.
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Blue Baby Blue

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Blue Baby Blue

We’ve all heard of Bloody Mary but have you heard the similar but no less disturbing legend of Baby Blue?

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Poor Baby Blue never had a chance. Born into the world by a psychotic mother, he was destined to be a child of legend. Nobody knows his real name, only that his mother killed him with a piece of shattered mirror.

The ritual of Baby Blue, not unlike Bloody Mary, is set in the confines of a bathroom and you’ll need a mirror to try it (if you dare).

I suggest you take a friend if your heart is set on trying this out but make sure they know what they’re in for.

Enter the bathroom and fog up the mirror (breathe on it, turn on the hot water – however you like), once this is complete you should write the words “Baby Blue” on the mirror.

Step two is turning off the light (be brave, you have a friend with you!) and waiting for a few moments. Once you’ve waited for about a minute you should hold out your arms, just like you were carrying a baby in them.

You should then feel the weight of a baby on your arms, don’t freak out – keep him held safe and after a while you should pass him to your friend. Mind not to drop him, he doesn’t take kindly to this and will give you a little scratch. If you pick him up and drop him a few more times (who would be so clumsy?), the last thing you’ll ever see is the mirror shattering in front of you (your friend might want to run at this point, you’re a lost cause).

A second version of this legend has a slightly different ritual:-

Enter the bathroom with the lights already turned off. Stand in front of the mirror and say the words “Blue Baby” thirteen times, over and over again. Whilst reciting these words you should rock your arms back and forth as if you were holding a baby.

Once you’ve finished the thirteenth chant, a baby will appear in your arms and give you a little scratch. At this point, I suggest you drop the baby and run because not long behind him is his aforementioned psychotic mother. She will scream at you from the mirror “GIVE ME BACK BY BABY” and attempt to have you meet the same fate as her little treasure.

Killer in the Backseat

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A woman is driving home from a late meeting at work. Turning up the radio when a song comes on that she likes, she is carefree and starts to sing along.

It starts to rain heavily and she sighs, putting on her wipers. After about 10 minutes a car appears behind her and she thinks nothing more of it. Suddenly the car following her flashes its lights and drives up close behind her car. Opening her window, she waves her hand assuming they want to pass. Instead of passing, the car falls back. 

A little confused, the woman rolls her eyes and continues on her way. A few minutes later the car flashes it's lights again and comes right up to her bumper, almost crashing into her car. "JACKASS" she shouts, speeding up a little to get away from them. 

Getting annoyed now, she isn't surprised when the car comes right back up behind her flashing their lights and beeping this time. The car gets very close and the woman starts to get worried. She pulls over to see if they pass and instead of doing this, they pull up behind her. Panicking, she drives off fast with the hope of losing them. Only 5 minutes from home, she sighs relieved that they've left her alone.

All of a sudden the car screeches up behind her and speeds next to her, she looks into the car and the man is signalling her to pull over. Thankfully, she gets to her house just in time and without taking her stuff, she exits the car and runs inside, locking the door and immediately calls the police to tell them someone has followed her home. 

After hanging up she peers out the window and sees the man getting out of his car. He starts to approach her car slowly holding what she thought looked like a golf club. Puzzled, she goes to her front door and as she opens it, she saw the man dragging a figure out of the back seat of her car. At this moment the police arrive and handcuff the intruder, taking an axe from the back of her car.

It turns out that the car behind her had seen the man raising the axe to kill her and they were trying to warn her about this. Every time they flashed their lights, the figure lowered back into the seats. 

There are other various takes on this tale, these include:
The woman sees that she needs petrol and pulls into a petrol station. The attendant sees the man in the back of her car and tells her that there is a problem with her card and that she needs to go inside. The woman is scared of the attendant because (in the majority of the stories that feature this attendant) he looks weird and rough. However, he saves her life.

Sometimes it is told as the woman driving away from the petrol station, scared of the attendant. She meets an untimely end in this version, with the murderer in the back seat killing her. 

This Urban Legend is the opener of the film: Urban Legends 1998 - Amazon DVD link - DVD

Bloody Mary

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We've probably all heard variations of Bloody Mary, this post will look at the various takes on the legend. It will also attempt explain the confusion over who Mary really is.

It is common that at sleepovers, teenagers act out this tale in order to spook each other out. 

Usually the 'ritual' goes like this: 
You all enter the bathroom (I say all because really, who would do this alone?)and turn off the light (Maybe light a candle for a bit of atmosphere). Stand in front of the mirror and chant "Bloody Mary" 13 times, getting louder each time you say it. The legend says that after the thirteenth chant, Mary will appear and scratch your face. 
The legend has various guises, including the different sayings:
"Bloody Mary"
"Hell Mary"
"I stole your baby Mary Worth"
"I killed your baby Mary Worth"
"I believe in Mary Worth"
"Bloody Bones"
"Agnes / Black Agnes"
And many more.

After calling out any of these names, there are also various outcomes of the ritual, including:
Receiving claw marks on your face or body.
Your eyes being ripped out.
You disappear from the bathroom into the mirror.
Possibly the least radical of the consequences, you see her in the mirror.

The ritual has many rumoured beginnings, with the most popular telling the story of Mary Worth a witch that lived supposedly over 100 years ago. She was found guilty of practising black magic and was promptly executed. As you can tell, there is no mention of a child here, but in the games of today people often chant "I stole your baby, Mary Worth".
This possibly came around as people confused the tale of Mary Worth with Mary I, Queen of England.Mary was unable to carry a child and it is said that she suffered two 'phantom' pregnancies. This is probably how the two tales became intertwined and merged to one. Mary Tudor was also commonly nicknamed "Bloody Mary". This was due to the high number of executions that she ordered throughout her reign.

There are so many versions and 'origins' of this tale that I'll post websites that talk of them all, if you want to look into the legend deeper. 

Castle of Spirits, Bloody Mary. Snopes, Bloody Mary Wiki - Bloody Mary

The Babysitter

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An old one, but still a good one...

A teenage girl looking for some extra cash, decides to take a babysitting job from the next town over. The parents are attending a friend's party and leave their 2 young children with the teenager. 

The girl plays with the children, gives them their supper and then puts them to bed. Pleased to get such well mannered children she returns downstairs and settles down to watch a film for the night. About an hour into her film a shrill ring pierces the silence. Aware that the children are sleeping she answers the phone quickly in order to not wake them. She assumes that it's the parents calling to check on their children, however, instead of the voice she is expecting she is met with heavy breathing. Assuming that it's the wrong number, she hangs up. As she begins to walk away the phone rings again. 

"What?" she asks, irritated. "I'm close" a hoarse voice whispered to her. Puzzled, she demands to know who it is but the caller hangs up.

She returns to her film in the next room, trying to forget the weird call. About 15 minutes later, the phone rings again. The teenager would rather not answer it again, but she really didn't want the children to wake, so she answered it again. "I'm closer, and I'm about to get you", the voice laughed. Getting scared, the teenager hangs up and immediately calls the police. 

The police are unsympathetic and tell her it's probably a prank but they will monitor the line if it will ease her mind. Instead of going back to her film, she stays by the phone, waiting for another call. She doesn't have to wait for long and sure enough, it's the mystery caller again. This time he laughs hysterically and tells her it won't be long. She throws the phone back into the receiver and her heart pounds. 

Almost immediately the phone rings again and she is met with the voice of a panicked man "The calls are coming from inside the house, GET OUT NOW". "I'll get the children and go" she says, panicking. "NO, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW!" he demands.

Without hanging up, she runs to the front garden and is met with 2 police cars, the police men run straight into the house and upstairs. They return empty handed and with a sickly look on their faces. "The children are dead, no sign of the killer" they state, solemnly. Another officer exits the house with an evidence bag, which contains a bloody knife.

A film version of this story - 'When a stranger calls - 2006'. Amazon link : DVD


The Clown Statue

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A teenage girl had been hired to babysit for a family in a neighbouring town. The family was wealthy and the house was large. She was to look after two young children whilst their parents went out to celebrate their anniversary. Before the parents left they gave the girl their mobile number in case of any emergencies. They also advised that she should keep the children out of their collection room, which they said was filled with various statues of importance to them. 

The parents left and the babysitter proceeded to give the children their supper. After letting them watch some cartoons she took them upstairs and put them to bed. 

She settled into the living room and began flicking through channels. After about half an hour she heard giggling coming from down the hall. Rolling her eyes she went to find the source of the noise, as she expected she found the children out of bed, playing. To her dismay they were playing in the collection room, which to her surprise was filled with statues of clowns. Like most people, she enjoyed the circus but this room was unnerving even for the biggest circus lover.
Flickr Graeme Maclean Title: Bad Clown

Asking the children why they had gotten out of bed she scanned the room and shivered. The children laughed and pointed to a life sized clown sitting in a rocking chair. Her skin prickled. Walking over to the children she ushered them out of the room. As she walked, she felt as though the eyes of the clown were following her. Walking down the corridor she told the children that they are not supposed to be in that room. "We were playing with the clown, he's funny" they replied. She put them to bed and returned downstairs.

She decided that it was best to inform the parents that the children had been playing in the collection room, just in case they had moved or broken something. She called the parents and told them that she had found the children playing with the life sized clown in the collection room. The voice on the other side of the line lowered, "What life sized clown? we don't have one". Confused she walked to the room and looked around the door, sure enough there was the clown watching the room from it's chair.

"There is definitely a life sized clown sitting in the rocking chair" she replied. The mother's voice sounded panicked "Get the children and go to the neighbour's house NOW, we're calling the police and will meet you there". 
Immediately running upstairs she got the children and ran to the neighbour's house. A few minutes later a police car arrived and the policemen ran inside the family's house. Watching from the garden, she saw the police marching a clown down the path in handcuffs.
When the parents returned they were told that a crazed prisoner had escaped jail a few days before with the intention of adding to his list of victims. They had found a large kitchen knife in his clothes.