Bloody Mary

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We've probably all heard variations of Bloody Mary, this post will look at the various takes on the legend. It will also attempt explain the confusion over who Mary really is.

It is common that at sleepovers, teenagers act out this tale in order to spook each other out. 

Usually the 'ritual' goes like this: 
You all enter the bathroom (I say all because really, who would do this alone?)and turn off the light (Maybe light a candle for a bit of atmosphere). Stand in front of the mirror and chant "Bloody Mary" 13 times, getting louder each time you say it. The legend says that after the thirteenth chant, Mary will appear and scratch your face. 
The legend has various guises, including the different sayings:
"Bloody Mary"
"Hell Mary"
"I stole your baby Mary Worth"
"I killed your baby Mary Worth"
"I believe in Mary Worth"
"Bloody Bones"
"Agnes / Black Agnes"
And many more.

After calling out any of these names, there are also various outcomes of the ritual, including:
Receiving claw marks on your face or body.
Your eyes being ripped out.
You disappear from the bathroom into the mirror.
Possibly the least radical of the consequences, you see her in the mirror.

The ritual has many rumoured beginnings, with the most popular telling the story of Mary Worth a witch that lived supposedly over 100 years ago. She was found guilty of practising black magic and was promptly executed. As you can tell, there is no mention of a child here, but in the games of today people often chant "I stole your baby, Mary Worth".
This possibly came around as people confused the tale of Mary Worth with Mary I, Queen of England.Mary was unable to carry a child and it is said that she suffered two 'phantom' pregnancies. This is probably how the two tales became intertwined and merged to one. Mary Tudor was also commonly nicknamed "Bloody Mary". This was due to the high number of executions that she ordered throughout her reign.

There are so many versions and 'origins' of this tale that I'll post websites that talk of them all, if you want to look into the legend deeper. 

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  2. WTF??!!! no liee?? :))))

  3. woww... O___O i cant comment anything!!! gyaaaa

  4. I remember playing the Bloody Mary game when I was a kid. Some friends of mine dared me to do it, so I held a lit candle in an otherwise pitch black bathroom then spun around 3 times saying 'Bloody Mary'. I didn't see anything strange but my friends were freaked out anyway just by the idea that she might show up that evening. Luckily we didn't know anything about the "I stole your baby Bloody Mary" thing, how freaky.

  5. Yeap ^^ This guy is right yall need to getta life

  6. It's not Mary Tudor, it's Mary Stuart!

  7. I remember when I was little, when I heard about this, I was scared to try it. But when I got older, I learned not to be scared, and discovered she was fake.

    1. um, she is real, my friend and the basketball team tried it in the girls bathroom, they chanted but the room turned green and they saw a man being hanged.

  8. My girlfriend tried the bloody Mary challenge and now she's being haunted and followed by a ghost.its been 4 days now.a nd many sightings have been caught by me while vedio calling my advice for all dose out der is that never try is real

  9. F*ck, this story scared me as a child. now, i get scared more with Urban legends from japan. like the Kashima Reiko or anything like that

    1. so should I be scared if I read her story? cuz I did

  10. i tried this at sleepover with 2 other friends, only it was on paper, like, "bloody mary, bloody mary, are you there?" she would move the pencil on the center of the paper to yes or no, and u could ask her stuff

  11. i am with you i would not do it either