The Babysitter

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An old one, but still a good one...

A teenage girl looking for some extra cash, decides to take a babysitting job from the next town over. The parents are attending a friend's party and leave their 2 young children with the teenager. 

The girl plays with the children, gives them their supper and then puts them to bed. Pleased to get such well mannered children she returns downstairs and settles down to watch a film for the night. About an hour into her film a shrill ring pierces the silence. Aware that the children are sleeping she answers the phone quickly in order to not wake them. She assumes that it's the parents calling to check on their children, however, instead of the voice she is expecting she is met with heavy breathing. Assuming that it's the wrong number, she hangs up. As she begins to walk away the phone rings again. 

"What?" she asks, irritated. "I'm close" a hoarse voice whispered to her. Puzzled, she demands to know who it is but the caller hangs up.

She returns to her film in the next room, trying to forget the weird call. About 15 minutes later, the phone rings again. The teenager would rather not answer it again, but she really didn't want the children to wake, so she answered it again. "I'm closer, and I'm about to get you", the voice laughed. Getting scared, the teenager hangs up and immediately calls the police. 

The police are unsympathetic and tell her it's probably a prank but they will monitor the line if it will ease her mind. Instead of going back to her film, she stays by the phone, waiting for another call. She doesn't have to wait for long and sure enough, it's the mystery caller again. This time he laughs hysterically and tells her it won't be long. She throws the phone back into the receiver and her heart pounds. 

Almost immediately the phone rings again and she is met with the voice of a panicked man "The calls are coming from inside the house, GET OUT NOW". "I'll get the children and go" she says, panicking. "NO, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW!" he demands.

Without hanging up, she runs to the front garden and is met with 2 police cars, the police men run straight into the house and upstairs. They return empty handed and with a sickly look on their faces. "The children are dead, no sign of the killer" they state, solemnly. Another officer exits the house with an evidence bag, which contains a bloody knife.

A film version of this story - 'When a stranger calls - 2006'. Amazon link : DVD



  1. fuqing scared my piss out!

  2. Even though I heard this a kajillion times, it still scares me. :) Boo I like the story of Baby Blue.

  3. hi this is freaky5 April 2012 at 08:07


  4. herd this 1 before

    SCARY :D

  5. This crap is scary

  6. I can't believe I have never heard this one before. It scared the shit out of me though because I'm a teenage babysitter myself damn it! lol love this one now.

  7. Oh my god! Really like this and all happened ? I am already very scared about it. Here after i wont leave my baby. Thanks a lot.

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  9. Real life story for you. Many many years ago as a teenager ( I'm now 47) was watching my two young cousins for my aunt while I was on vacation in a small town in Kentucky where all my family is from. The house set up on a hill wuth the back facing open state land and had a couple of neighboring houses. At the back of the house was the kitchen which had a large sliding glass door. I had put tge kuds to bed and was watching tv, when movement outside the door and the dog barking startled me. I got up and turned back porch light on but saw nothing so I sat back down figuring it was an animAL since all that open land behind us and the dog had settled back down. Awhile later I caught movement again. This time I made sure all windows and doors werelocked, looked outside, again saw nothing but as I turned to go sit back down, a face pressed against the window of the glass door caused me to scream, the dog to go nuts and whoever it was to run. I grabbed the phone and called my uncle who lived just a minute or two away. My uncle brought a couple friends who had been at his house and my grandfather. On the back deck...right outside that glass door wall, we're a pile of mens clothing..jeans, shirt, socks, underwear and shoes, just laying there. One of them had called the sheriff who after putting on a glove, went through the jeans and the genius had left his wallet in the pants and he was well known to the police..... suspected rapist....a person of interest in a death....drug addict. Etc. He was eventually found hiding under a neighbors porch. And last I heard was in prison. What if I had opened the door to let the dog out??


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