Killer in the Backseat

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A woman is driving home from a late meeting at work. Turning up the radio when a song comes on that she likes, she is carefree and starts to sing along.

It starts to rain heavily and she sighs, putting on her wipers. After about 10 minutes a car appears behind her and she thinks nothing more of it. Suddenly the car following her flashes its lights and drives up close behind her car. Opening her window, she waves her hand assuming they want to pass. Instead of passing, the car falls back. 

A little confused, the woman rolls her eyes and continues on her way. A few minutes later the car flashes it's lights again and comes right up to her bumper, almost crashing into her car. "JACKASS" she shouts, speeding up a little to get away from them. 

Getting annoyed now, she isn't surprised when the car comes right back up behind her flashing their lights and beeping this time. The car gets very close and the woman starts to get worried. She pulls over to see if they pass and instead of doing this, they pull up behind her. Panicking, she drives off fast with the hope of losing them. Only 5 minutes from home, she sighs relieved that they've left her alone.

All of a sudden the car screeches up behind her and speeds next to her, she looks into the car and the man is signalling her to pull over. Thankfully, she gets to her house just in time and without taking her stuff, she exits the car and runs inside, locking the door and immediately calls the police to tell them someone has followed her home. 

After hanging up she peers out the window and sees the man getting out of his car. He starts to approach her car slowly holding what she thought looked like a golf club. Puzzled, she goes to her front door and as she opens it, she saw the man dragging a figure out of the back seat of her car. At this moment the police arrive and handcuff the intruder, taking an axe from the back of her car.

It turns out that the car behind her had seen the man raising the axe to kill her and they were trying to warn her about this. Every time they flashed their lights, the figure lowered back into the seats. 

There are other various takes on this tale, these include:
The woman sees that she needs petrol and pulls into a petrol station. The attendant sees the man in the back of her car and tells her that there is a problem with her card and that she needs to go inside. The woman is scared of the attendant because (in the majority of the stories that feature this attendant) he looks weird and rough. However, he saves her life.

Sometimes it is told as the woman driving away from the petrol station, scared of the attendant. She meets an untimely end in this version, with the murderer in the back seat killing her. 

This Urban Legend is the opener of the film: Urban Legends 1998 - Amazon DVD link - DVD


  1. hi this is freaky5 April 2012 at 08:19

    thanks Kaykiie for givin us these freaky stories. love em

  2. This is not really scary it's just ironic

  3. i thought they were the killerss thank goodness they kept flashing there lights

  4. dat shit was gay

  5. There was a great horror short about a woman who gives this old lady a ride and keeps thinking something is up. She eventually gets her to leave the car on some pretext and drives to the police. They discover in the car, a bag the woman had and it was filled with a cleaver and a butcher knife. They send for her husband, who on the way picks up the same old lady and she leaves the car sitting at a red light. The car does not move when it turns green.

  6. This story is not scary

  7. This is so fake

  8. Wow is this is the worst story ever