The Letter "D"

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Continued from 'Blue'

Jane froze at the sight of the balloon, marooned on her gate. Tentatively she stepped towards it, brows furrowed, pulling her jacket around her closely. 

She reached the gate and looked towards both sides of her street. Nothing. The guy had followed her home, that much was true but she didn't understand what his objective was. He could have just been a creep trying to freak her out but in this age, he could be dangerous or at least intending on doing something malicious. 

She strode over to her door, opened it as quickly as her shaking hands would allow and threw her bags into the hallway, slamming the door behind her. Picking up her handbag, she emptied it on the floor and her phone crashed to the ground. She slid her finger across the screen and watched as it dialled Lisa's number. 

"Hey there sugarbum" Lisa joked, waiting for the purpose of the call to be announced. 

"Where are you guys, that guy from earlier followed me home. I don't want to be alone" Jane whispered, not really knowing why.

"We've just paid... Are you sure?" came the reply.

"I'm sure Lisa, hurry home" Jane said, ending the call and gathering her bags. 

She sat in the kitchen, waiting impatiently for her friends to return home so she could either take her mind off the guy or at least feel safer. After what felt like an eternity, she heard a key being inserted into the front door and the friendly faces of Lisa and Laura greeted her from the hallway. "This was randomly tied to the gate" shrugged Lisa, dragging the ominous blue balloon behind her. 

"That's what I'm talking about, the guy who was following us earlier, he was carrying that balloon" Jane shot back, not understanding why they weren't taking this as seriously as she was.

"What guy Jane? Are you ok?" frowned Laura.

"Yes I'm fine, except for the fact that this huge guy was following us around all afternoon holding THAT balloon and when I get home THAT balloon is tied to my gate" she retorted, all patience lost.

"Ok, so we'll call the police if we see him again but we didn't see the guy Jane" Lisa hugged her, trying to calm her down. "Let's have a drink and then we'll take all the stuff upstairs" she continued, turning to Laura with a puzzled look on her face. 

They sat down whilst Laura found an open bottle of white wine sitting in the fridge, emptying it into three glasses for them to take the edge off the situation. They sat and enjoyed the wine, the balloon floating slowly across the floor. One bottle turned into two and soon enough, the tall man had been forgotten, replaced with an impromptu fashion show starring the three tipsy ladies. 

Jane, having been handed a little more wine than the other two, had pulled on her new glitzy gold dress and slipped on Laura's stilettos. She began to strut across the kitchen floor, pouting every few seconds to make her friends laugh. The shoes were a little too high for her however and as her feet found the string from the balloon, she felt herself slip and she crashed to the floor.

"Oh jeez, Jane are you ok?" worried Laura, with Lisa laughing in the background. She rushed to her side, pulling her up. 

"I'm fine" Jane laughed, standing herself up and kicking off her friend's shoes. "Help me carry this stuff to my room" she motioned to them both.

They each picked up a few bags and chuckled their way to the stairs. Lisa led the way, turning on the light to the hallway as night had drawn in. "It's cold up here, we should put the heating on" she noted, turning to Jane and Laura. "It is on" Jane replied, still laughing with Laura. 

They reached Jane's door but all three of them stopped. The air was freezing and none of them wanted to open the door. They looked at each other, confused as to what it was holding them back. The tipsy giggles left Jane and the events of the day came rushing back to the forefront of her memory, filling her with dread.

"Guys, stay there" she said, giving them her bags.

Placing her hand on the door handle, she took in a breath and pushed the door open swiftly. Nothing. They all laughed in unison, "Damn Jane, you have us all paranoid" Lisa joked. Jane turned to to push her friend but missed as Lisa had moved and flipped on the light to her room. 

As the light flooded the area, Jane went to grab the bags from her friend's hands when she realised they were just standing open mouthed staring at her. Frowning she asked "What?". Their reply was to continue staring at her, faces seemingly white. She realised that they were not staring at her, but behind her and it dawned on her. He was here.

She slowly turned to face her fate and was relieved to find noone behind her. Her relief was quickly replaced with fear as she saw what had grabbed her friends' attention.

Her eyes scanned the letter 'D' painted across her wall in red paint. At least, she had hoped it was red paint.


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"Just a hot chocolate please" Jane requested, smiling at the thought of warming up with a hot drink on the girls' day out shopping. Her friends Laura and Lisa were waiting with their drinks at the other end of the counter. They'd planned a guiltless day of shopping stopping only for food and drink. 

Picking up her finished beverage at the drink station, whipped cream and sprinkles included, they scanned the shop for an empty table. "Ah the window seats!" exclaimed Lisa, an unapologetic people watcher. They made their way through the crowded store and fell into the chairs arranged by the window. 

After a few moments of sipping and relaxing, the girls began to compare their purchases from the past couple of hours. Jane pulled out a sparkling gold dress that she'd found in the sale, not her usual attire but at the price it was selling for she had to take it. "That's something I'll be borrowing" winked Laura, who had her new stiletto shoes in her lap for them to admire. 

As more garments were being pulled from bags and shown off at the table, Jane gazed out the window. People were rushing by, oblivious to each other, bumping around with noone really noticing anyone else. Typical of a city centre, everyone in their own world making a beeline for their next purchase. Just as she started to turn back to the mini fashion show, a man caught her eye. He was unnaturally tall and very thin. Just standing there, holding a blue coloured balloon on the other side of the walkway. At first she assumed he was just waiting for someone but he himself seemed to be watching everyone.

"Earth to Jaaaaane" Lisa mocked, poking her in the side.

She pulled herself away from the window and turned back to her friends. "Where's that sweater you found?" Lisa asked, pointing to Jane's bags. 

Jane smirked, knowing that Lisa would try to borrow it all the time but it was so soft that she'd be hiding it in her closet. She pulled it out and handed it over for her friends to admire. After they'd recapped on all their purchases, they drank up and gathered their things ready to head back out and continue with their trip. 

They had browsed through a few shops and were about to enter a beauty store when Jane stopped at the entrance. The others carried on ahead until they realised they'd lost a member of the group. They turned to see Jane staring away from the store. "Jane, what are you doing?" they chorused, to no reply. 

She was watching him again, the tall man from earlier. She'd forgotten about him before but she was sure he had been following her around. Now he was only a few shops away, watching her. His face was obscured by the hat he was wearing, pulled down and covering his eyes in shadow. She only glanced away as her friends tried to drag her inside. "No don't, that guy has been following us around all day" she pointed. Her friends peered around the doors to the store, "What guy?" they asked in unison again. 

"Him, with the balloon" she pointed him out again but the others couldn't seem to see who she was referring to. They both waltzed back into the store, leaving her at the door, just watching the man with the balloon. Whilst his face was obscured, she was sure he had started to smirk now, sending a chill down her spine as a result. 

She frowned and darted into the store, trying to put the man out of her mind for the rest of the trip. After a few more hours of wandering around the shopping centre and buying bits and bobs, she made her way home without her friends as they decided to dash to the supermarket to grab food for dinner.

As Jane rounded the corner towards their house, she realised that after the beauty store the man had disappeared. It relieved her to think that it was just a creepy guy who got bored once she decided to ignore him. She stopped at her front door and tried to grasp her keys from her handbag without putting all her shopping down. Once this attempt had failed she admitted defeat and let all her bags drop to the floor, accidentally dropping her handbag with them. Sighing, she bent down to rummage for her keys amongst the sea of receipts and old sweet packets. After a moment or two she found them and stood back up to let herself into the house, ready to fall onto the couch and maybe have a little nap. 

As she pushed the key into the door, a strange squeaking noise coming from behind startled her. The hairs on her arms stood on end and she closed her eyes wishing it was just her imagination. As she reopened them, she tilted her head to the side so she could see who was behind her in the reflection of the glass in her door. Heart beating fast, she swirled to meet the stranger behind her and was met only by a single blue balloon, tied to her gate.

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30 Day Challenge Update

Just a quick update to say I haven't forgotten about the stories! Having some issues with the site and with sorting out personal life shenanigans but all the stories will be coming asap!