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I've recently become aware that there are a few writers on websites across the internet duplicating my exact stories as if they wrote them. The disclaimer that is located on my site, 'Urban Legends are public domain but my stories are not.' has always been there and they are choosing to ignore it.

If you wish to share what I've written word for word then don't be a douche, leave a link back to my site. That, or at least have the decency to rewrite my story so it isn't exactly the same. My posts were created back in 2010 so there is no doubt as to who wrote the story first.

Copying other writers' work is such a huge issue in the literary field and people like those I've seen across the internet pretending my work is their own are frauds.

Back to my website however, more stories coming soon!


Kay from 2023 - rest assured if you see these stories on my new website that this is my new website and i've copied my stories over!